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The main emphasis of the KITA Concept is that every single person in the world matters!! When a person truly recognizes their inherent value, they will innately recognize the value of every other person as well. Our aim is to positively influence Kids' lives to help our world.

KITA is from the Land of Zax. KITA discovered that his purpose is to make the universe a better place to live. When he discovered this, he created the Three KITA Rules.




- KITA "Knows IT All" about living a positive life -

KITA builds self value in children and encourages them to learn and use the Three KITA Rules™ when faced with challenging circumstances.

KITA gives children long lasting positive tools for life to help prevent them from listening to negative thoughts, words and actions that cause:

• Violence (Bullying, fighting and conflicts)
• Drug Abuse (Including alcohol, tobacco)
• Prejudice (Lack of understanding and respect for others)
• Apathy regarding schoolwork (Underachieving and dropping out)
• Not valuing your body (Lack of fitness and healthy eating habits)
• Insecurity (Low self-value and self-esteem)
• Lack of Love, Compassion, and Respect of Self and Others

KITA addresses the root of the problem, not just the symptom. When children feel valued and are given positive tools to deal with challenges, they will have greater success in all areas of their lives.

KITA has two Companions, Tri and Square. The are constantly bombarded by the negative thoughts of The Red Monsters. KITA teaches Tri and Square that if you remember that they matter and use the Three KITA Rules they can "squooosh" the Red Monsters and then their lives will be better.