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"KITA's mission is to significantly impact children by building self-value and encouraging them to learn and use the Three KITA Rules™;
giving them the tools they need to succeed in life."

KITA Korp, Inc. is bringing the KITA Concept to Kids in four ways:

The KITA Books (a series of books)
The KITA Services ("life coaching", training of coaches and enrichment speeches)
The KITA Klub(a television series)
and The KITA Products (a variety of educational merchandise)

All four of these methods complement each other and teach lessons dealing with issues such as Apathy regarding education, Not valuing your body, Prejudice, Violence, Drugs, and Lack of Compassion, Love and Respect.


The KITA Kollection is a series of books. KITA and the Sames and KITA and Dandi are available, and many more are being developed. Markets for these books include Kids' organizations, schools, catalogs, libraries, children's and trade bookstores, the Internet, and other places where Kids' products are sold.


KITA Services delivers the KITA Concept to corporations and Kids' organizations through workshops and assemblies, creates and develops the curriculm, and provides extensive, detailed training for corporations and/or organizations that deliver the KITA Concept.

KITA's Creator, Laurelle Adrian, an inspirational speaker is – available for speeches and individual "life coaching" for children, parents, teachers, individuals and corporations.

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KITA Klub is a television series which will include both animation and live action and is yet another way to reach Kids. We have an intriguing script and enough stories to develop 26 half-hour shows.


The KITA Products offers a variety of KITA products that encourage Kids to use the KITA Concept. This includes KITA T-shirts which have the slogan, " . . . because I matter!!", and KITA posters which have the Three KITA Rules. Other products currently available include KITA stickers, books, coloring books, and plush toys. Products being developed include CD-ROM's, videos, notebooks, games, and the books from the KITA Books. Each of the four divisions of KITA Korp, Inc. has an identity of its own, yet complements the others. They each have the same goal, to

Help KITA Help Kids . . .

. . . because KIDS matter!!

To learn more about KITA Kids, 501(c)(3).

Have KITA come to your school or organization.