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Laurelle Adrian

"The greatest gift you can give to a child is to teach them that they matter." When a child truly knows that they matter, they will be equipped with everything they need to succeed in life. Years ago, I was coaching children in baseball and basketball, when I found that most children do not have what they need to live successful lives. I decided to teach children the rules of life, not simply the rules of the game.

The most significant thing that I taught children was that they matter regardless of any circumstances in their lives. And they learned that when they know they matter they will recognize that everyone matters as well. Then I encouraged them to use three simple rules; to believe in themselves, have a positive attitude and make responsible choices in everything they think say and do.

In time, parents commented on the shift in their children; their grades improved, their attitudes became more positive, and their friendships better. I realized how easy it is to positively impact children with simple concepts that they could use for the rest of their lives. I recognized my ability to teach, motivate, and guide children, therefore; I created, researched, and developed the KITA Concept and have positively impacted over 35,000 children with KITA's tools for life. I consider myself a "life coach" with tools that positively impact children, parents and all people.

Laurelle Adrian is an accomplished author, public speaker, and "life coach". Laurelle created, researched, and developed the KITA Concept and founded KITA Kids, Corporation in 2001. She has worked with and has positively impacted over 35,000 children in various settings and thousands of adults. Laurelle has produced several KITA videos and she has been on several talk shows for local television (channel 3, channel 5 and channel 15).

One of the books Laurelle authored, "KITA and the Sames - Understand and Respect Others' Differences" was considered for Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano's "First Grade Book Give Away" in 2004.

Laurelle is a public and corporate speaker for personal inspiration and enrichment. She has spoken for Ottawa University (continuing education for teachers), Home Depot (employees), and is currently working with Kroger's (Fry's Food and Drug Store) managers in Arizona and is a "life coach" for individuals.

In September, 2001, Laurelle delivered the closing speech at the Memorial Service at Phoenix Civic Plaza for Balbir Sing Sodi, (an Indian Sikh, who was shot after the World Trade Center attack, because he wore a turban). The topic of her speech was tolerance, titled "Love is stronger than hate". Other speakers included Governor Janet Napolitano and the Consul General of India, H. Viswanathan.

Laurelle was a volunteer coach for youth sports, including basketball, baseball and volleyball at YMCA, Boys & Girls Club and Little League Baseball. She is a Diamondbacks baseball fan, and the mother of two.

Arizona State University

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