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KITA Kids Yearly Program/Package Description KITA Kids provides a one year program for each school or children's organization. With trained KITA Coaches and staff, we deliver an enthusiastic assembly to all of the children, introducing KITA and his companions as well as the Three KITA Rules. We give a KITA Enrichment session for the staff/teachers to help them understand how to implement the KITA Concepts with the children. The KITA Package includes giving each classroom a KITA Poster with the Three KITA Rules to reinforce them, each child receives a KITA book to take home and share with their families, and we send monthly KITA activity pages to each organization for the children to fill out - all in an effort to reinforce the KITA in the children's minds.

1. KITA Program & Package for Kids:
• Customized to the school or organization; specific challenges addressed
• 45-minute KITA Assembly
• Follow up KITA activity pages mailed monthly
• One set of KITA books for each school/set of KITA Plush toys
• KITA Posters for every classroom, office and library
• KITA book, t-shirt or plush toy giveaway to each child

2. KITA Staff Enrichment Sessions:
• Content customized to teachers or staff
• 45 minute session - One time per year
• KITA Support Handout Material

4. Employee & Children Acceptance & Impact:
• The KITA Concept is Universal
• The KITA Concept is powerful and easily applied
• KITA impacts staff, children and their families for a lasting positive impact

KITA Gives Kids Positive Tools!